Top Tips to Improve Your Business Printing in 2019

Understanding how to maintain and improve your Business Printing is important for any company to ensure they stay one step ahead of others – here are a few of our top tips.

There’s no mistaking that business printing in 2019 certainly differs from business printing last year and the years before that.

And with these changes, it’s important for any business or company to ensure they are up to date and aware of any new or improvements upon business printing practices.

Therefore, there are several considerations you should make regarding print security, print efficiency and print sustainability.

Here are a few of our top tips on improving your business printing in 2019.

Staying on Top of Your Business Printing Security

Business Printing Security

As we discussed in our article last year – Is Your Printer Security Up to Scratch, it’s more vital than ever before to ensure you have your printer and print security locked down.

The advent of new technology brings with it a whole new host of dangerous computer viruses, malicious software and other forms of cybercrime.

To stop your business being at risk, establishing clear set guidelines and common security practices should be a priority for any business in 2019.

This could fall under several areas, but we suggest focusing on four key ones:

Physical/Internal Security
Protection of Documents/Confidential Data

Should your printer contain the option, an easy method of securing printers from unauthorised use or access is by setting up an access protocol.

An access protocol could be something as simple as requiring a keycard in order to use the printer or requiring a login in order to track staff printing habits.

Breaking away from technology however, one of the simplest ways to ensure you don’t suffer from any security lapses when business printing is through ensuring staff and those with authoritative access understand the importance of a secure printing process.

This is likely to curb the likelihood of errors such as documents being sent to the wrong printer and documents being sent to other departments occurring, two scenarios which could be potentially damaging to current GDPR standards.

If possible, locking away a printer that isn’t in use overnight or during periods of the day is another way to improve your print security.

Implementing Sustainable Business Printing Practices


As you are probably aware, sustainability has become one of the biggest talking points within both business and public circles in 2019.

It is no longer acceptable to ignore your responsibilities when it comes to making sure your business is doing everything in its power to remain environmentally friendly, and that includes business printing.

With that being said, there are several ways to stay sustainable when printing.

Some suggestions are:

Recycling all of the paper you use or no longer require
Using recycled paper instead of standard paper
Only printing documents and paperwork when it is necessary to do so
Upgrading your current Ink Cartridges or Laser Toner Cartridges to larger capacity versions
Printing documents on both sides of the page by setting your printer to ‘duplex’ printing mode
Recycling any of your used Ink or Toner cartridges (more information on this here)

As previously stated, sustainability is fundamental for business printing in 2019, so it’s equally as important that you educate and inform your staff on this also.

This could involve encouraging the use of electronic documents and digital paperwork when a physical copy is not needed or required, introducing recycling boxes for paper, cardboard and other materials into the workplace or by manually monitoring the amount of print outs created on a weekly/bi-weekly/monthly basis.

Where possible, opting to print documents out using grayscale can help to save on a valuable amount of printer ink and is a good way to combat ink cartridge and paper wastage in the workplace.

Ensuring to Use an Efficient Printer

Business Printing Efficiency

Our final recommendation for improving your business printing in 2019 is to ensure the printer you are using in the work environment is still efficient to meet your business standards.

If your business relies on a heavy amount of printing jobs to be completed daily, then you should evaluate if your current unit it still up to the task.

On the contrary, if your business is not one that requires a heavy-duty amount of printing, then it may be advisable to consider if you should downscale your printer to better meet the needs of your company.

Likewise, if your current printer still requires network cables and miscellaneous cords in order to allow everyone in the workplace to print from it, it would be wise to look into a printer that utilises wireless printing technology.

Overall, you should continue to align the type of printer you use for business printing to the overall requirements of the business and upgrade your unit if it no longer fits the purpose.

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Sam Rose