The Wolf Returns – Will He Become True Alpha?

Get ready as HP’s newest mini-film series will see the return of ‘The Wolf’ in ‘The Wolf: True Alpha’. But this time, he’s not alone…

First released in 2017, ‘The Wolf’ web series is HP’s answer to addressing the growing concerns surrounding cyber-security for businesses. Featuring topics such as hackable printers, corruptible networks and insecure data transfers, the series has proved to be a hit to those who have watched the short series of films. Racking up an impressive 2.2 million views on YouTube, the first season of ‘The Wolf’ certainly made it’s mark and drove home HP’s dedication to helping strengthen cyber-security across all manner of workplaces.

The Wolf: True Alpha

Announced before Black Hat 2018 and in line with HP’s new Bug Bounty programme launch, ‘The Wolf: True Alpha’ is being teased as the final part of the thrilling web-series. ‘The Wolf: True Alpha’ will feature an almighty face-off between ‘The Wolf’ (played by Christian Slater) and ‘The Fixer’ (played by Jonathan Banks). Last month, HP released a teaser trailer for the announced short film, with epic chases, tense situations and themes of espionage all featured within the 1 minute and 32 seconds video clip. Described as a direct sequel to previous series ‘The Wolf: The Hunt Continues’, HP are using ‘The Wolf’ as a powerful vehicle in their campaign to help elevate the security risks facing both businesses and customers.

Raising Awareness of the Growing Cybersecurity Challenge

Whilst HP’s popular web-series could easily make it as an epic action thriller in its own right, the company have developed the series with a defined purpose. Speaking more on the campaign and how the company hope to help educate consumers and businesses on the risks associated with network printers and business infrastructures, HP Chief Marketing and Communications Officer, Antonio Lucio explains:

“As the universe of connected devices grows exponentially, so does the sophistication and magnitude of cyber attacks. Securing devices, data and identities is an imperative in driving continued confidence in technology and with whom and with what we choose to connect. HP is leading from the front to continually make meaningful progress in securing the future of computing, and The Wolf is a creative way to raise awareness of this growing challenge for companies.”

The 20-minute film is due to be released later this year, so be sure to have your popcorn at the ready when ‘The Wolf: True Alpha’ comes to a computer screen near you soon.

Sam Rose