The Story Of The Erasable Pen: Erasermate

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In 1979 Papermate, a division of the Gillette Company gave birth to the erasable ink pen. Known as Erasermate, the pen became the best friend to many people, who wanted to write something in ink, but also have the luxury of being able to make corrections. On release of the Erasermate, the manufacturers of pencils must have thought their businesses were going to sink like a lead balloon. Erasermate was the stationery of the future and a forerunner to many of the future innovations in the world of stationery.

It took over a decade to develop erasable ink and the pen needs to be slightly pressurized for the ink to continuously flow, whilst it is being used. Because a user of the Erasermate has to put some pressure on it in order to write, it means that the pen can write on a wider range of paper, than regular ballpoint pens.

Originally it was a refillable ballpoint pen, which had a replaceable eraser attached to the top of it. Due to the popularity of the Papermate’s erasable pen a disposable version was soon introduced, which looked similar to the Write Bro’s Stick Pen, but had a slightly wider girth, as well as the black eraser fixed to the top of the pen. The eraser at the top of the Erasermate was often the same colour as the pens ink, helping its user to easily identify what colour the pen was.

Decades on from the first incarnation of the Erasermate, the pen is still manufactured and sold worldwide by Papermate, to a wide range of users.

Brook Chalmers

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