3 SPOOKTACULAR Printable Halloween Masks for Halloween

It’s almost that spooky time of the year where ghosts, goblins and ghouls all come out to play! Check out these 3 spooktacular printable Halloween masks that bring the fright factor this Halloween!

October the 31st is rapidly approaching which can only mean one thing – Halloween is almost upon us!

To get into the spirit of the occasion and following up from the designs we featured previously, we’ve tracked down a few creepy printable Halloween masks that you can print from the comfort of your home that will make a great addition to your chosen scary outfit or are just as frighteningly effective to wear on their own!

Skeleton Skull

For a simple scare, why not opt for this Skeleton Skull mask?

Featuring several cracks to add some truly ghoulish detail and large sized teeth that would intimidate even the bravest person, this printable Halloween mask is an instant attention grabber for your next Halloween party.

Print it for free here.

Twisted Scarecrow

You’ve probably seen scarecrows at some point in your life, but you’ve never seen a scarecrow quite as terrifying as this one!

Often used to strike fear into the hearts of birds and other vultures in fields, this Twisted Scarecrow mask turns the real-life purpose of Scarecrows on its head with some truly gruesome fangs and bone-chattering teeth!

Print this design off here.

Spine-Chilling Zombie

Zombies are one of the most popular horror-based themes to follow when Halloween comes around, so why not embrace the land of the undead by printing out and wearing this Spine-Chilling Zombie mask!

Featuring some truly gruesome details such as skin stretch lines, disjointed teeth and a crooked nose, you’ll certainly give your friends or family quite the fright once they see your transformation into zombie form!

Print the design here.

Adding Some Finishing Touches to your Printable Halloween Masks

It goes without saying that these designs can be made even more spooktacular with the addition of colour and the use of thicker paper!

Creep on over to Find My Supplies this Halloween for all the essentials you’ll need to make these printable Halloween masks truly come to life including an assorted pack of 20 Stabilo Fibre Tip Colouring Pens and HP Premium Choice A4 Colour Laser Paper.

Planning to add colour and more detail to your design digitally?

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Sam Rose