New Print Technology to Make Personalised Glass Packaging Possible

One of the world’s largest glass manufacturers have recently announced new print technology that will enable them to customise and personalise its packaging offering.

First revealed in an article featured on The Manufacturer, Owen-Illinois (O-I) are one of the first major companies in the industry to utilise the new print technology. The business currently employs 26,500 workers from around the world and has nearly 80 manufacturing plants under its remit. They produce glass containers and their packaging for many leading companies at an industrial standard pace. The news of their new print technology development will likely excite those working with the glass manufacturing giant, with the potential to create new and innovative packaging for products.

Investment in New Print Technology

Glass Packaging Bottle Designs

Image Credit: O-I Glass Catalog

The innovation being put into use by the company involves digital print. With its uses, it can reportedly help to create more highly customisable and personalised glass packaging at a more flexible volume of production. Other benefits the new print technology could provide are quicker industrial speeds, affordable value and more range in colour and design choices. To fully take advantage of the new printing method, Owen-Illinois will be investing in two ‘direct2glass’ digital printer units. These will be set to contactless print their range of glass containers and packaging. To create the new packaging designs, consumers will pre-design their packaging in a digital file format. From this, I-O will print their desired designs onto packaging during a quick process when using the new print technology. The company suggest that overall, the designs can be successfully produced within a couple of weeks.

New Customisable Packaging Design

Speaking to The Manufacturer, Arnaud Aujounnet, Senior Vice President of O-I, explained that the company will be offering a more complete solution with the new method and personalised service.

“We are industry leaders for glass. We are in a transformation journey to move from being the biggest glass manufacturer to being more customer centric. Customers want products that are unique to them and this is driving customisation. One out of four customers are willing to pay more for that. We see the life cycle of products now speeding up. Less breadth of product, but much more smaller innovations which are very often driven by packaging, packaging drives a critical role in differentiation.”

The service, named as O-I: EXPRESSIONS will be available to the European market by the middle of 2019. Also confirmed is a launch of the service in the US which will follow shortly after.



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