HP Multi Jet Fusion Reaches 10 Million Printed Parts Milestone

In a new report released by computing giant HP, the company have revealed that they have surpassed over 10 million parts printed using HP Multi Jet Fusion machines.

The announcement follows several big changes made by HP since the introduction of their HP Multi Jet Fusion printers in 2016, such as the appointment of a new President of 3D Printing and the launch of Full Colour 3D Printers.

Rapid Advancement of HP Multi Jet Fusion Technology

A total of 10 million printed parts created by HP’s 3D printers is certainly a sizeable one when viewing statistics released upon its initial launch.

HP announced in 2016 that HP Multi Jet Fusion machines had printed 3.5 million parts shortly after launch, making the newly announced figure of 10 million during 2018 even more impressive.

The company mainly cites the credit for this to the overall printing capabilities of HP Multi Jet Fusion machines.

HP include in their report that HP Multi Jet Fusion technology was able to create a remarkable 50/50 split of functional prototypes and end-use products within the 10 million printed parts figure provided.

‘An Explosion of New Applications Across Industries’

Explaining how he and the company expect the technology and use of HP Multi Jet Fusion machines to evolve and expand across multiple industries, Christoph Schell, President of 3D Printing and Digital Manufacturing at HP, comments:

“We are seeing an explosion of new applications across industries taking advantage of the design freedom, superior economics, speed and industrial-grade quality unlocked by HP and its partners.

As we continue to expand our plastics and metals portfolio across both prototyping and production, and build out our community of global partners, we are helping customers save money, accelerate time to market, and improve sustainability as they progress on their digital manufacturing journey.”

3D Printing Market to Continue Growth

News of this new milestone achieved by HP’s 3D printing technology follows the ongoing uptrend of interest and market value within the 3D printing and additive manufacturing industry.

A study conducted by 3D Hubs reveals that the current market size of 3D printing is set to see continued growth over the next five years, with levels estimated at a 23.5% increase each year.

In terms of locations and areas in the world which have taken advantage of online 3D printing and additive manufacturing the most, the US and the UK both came out on top.

Relating 3D printing interest to the wider business industries, SMEs are currently known to represent 75% of the global customer base for online 3D printing technology.

Statistics, figures and new milestones being reached such as these display a clear enthusiasm for 3D printing and 3D printing technologies going forward, meaning we could expect to see more exciting developments and advancements within the field for months, and even years, to come.

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Sam Rose