HP Launches Metal Jet Printing

Following the creation of their first ever set of full colour 3D printers, HP are now shifting their attention to 3D metal printing with the new announced launch of Metal Jet.

Described as a new commercial platform for those eager to get into the world of 3D metal printing, Metal Jet will be introduced next year. HP have already announced new partnerships to help develop the technology, with Parmatech and GKN Powder Metallurgy mentioned as partners introduced to build shipping parts. Along with this, HP’s existing partnerships and alliances with companies such as Volkswagen and Primo Medical Group will also help with the research and implementation of the Metal Jet technology across multiple industries. Metal Jet is said to contain the same benefits as standard 3D printing (faster production speeds and less expensive than traditional manufacturing methods) but will solely focus on the creation of metal materials.

All About The Voxels

HP reveal that Metal Jet relies on “voxel-level binder jetting technology”. The voxel lead technology is said to be up to 50 times more effective and productive than any current 3D printing solutions. In terms of printbars and nozzle redundancy, Metal Jet features double the printbars compared to other competitor 3D printing systems and has four times the nozzle redundancy. This along with its other capabilities, has the potential to be an even cheaper form of metal 3D printing and something likely to be more efficient than current offerings in the market.

The Launch of the Metal Jet Service

HP’s newest advancement in the 3D printing arena will be fully incorporated into a service called the Metal Jet Production Service. Customers will be able to upload 3D models and creations to the platform next year, where HP engineers will then provide guidance and support on building their requested components using the technology. For the machines themselves, HP expect that Metal Jet printers will be available to some selected customers in 2020, whilst a broader release is expected to follow in 2021.

CEO and President of HP Inc., Dion Weisler, commented on this latest advancement of 3D printing technology and what it could mean for industry overall.

We are in the midst of a digital industrial revolution that is transforming the $12 trillion manufacturing industry. HP has helped lead this transformation by pioneering the 3D mass production of plastic parts and we are now doubling down with HP Metal Jet, a breakthrough metals 3D printing technology. The implications are huge – the auto, industrial, and medical sectors alone produce billions of metal parts each year. HP’s new Metal Jet 3D printing platform unlocks the speed, quality, and economics to enable our customers to completely rethink the way they design, manufacture, and deliver new solutions in the digital age.”



Global Newswire – HP Launches World’s Most Advanced Metals 3D Printing Technology for Mass Production to Accelerate 4th Industrial Revolution

Sam Rose