Fantastic Facts About Paper for World Stationery Day

World Stationery Day is a great occasion to celebrate everything to do with stationery, including paper! Here are some of our favourite facts about paper!

Here on FMS Blog, we’re regularly talking about all things print. But today, we’re taking a step back from printing to share some fun knowledge on a stationery essential – Paper!

While we regularly use Paper for printing out documents and our photos onto, Paper is a very versatile stationery item, in fact, a lot more than you might realise!

For World Stationery Day, we thought we’d provide you with a few fantastic facts about Paper, so make sure to read on for the full list!

Fantastic Facts About Paper on World Stationery Day

Paper is close to 2,000 years old!

Cai Lun Printmaking

That’s right, the sheet of Paper you currently have on your desk or in front of you was created nearly 2,000 years ago!

It is believed that Paper was invented in the country of China during the year of 105AD.

It’s creator, Cai Lun, was the first believed to have established the Paper making process too.

Before its invention, other materials were used for writing on including Papyrus in Ancient Egypt and Vellum, which was used widely in Europe.

Paper has a folding limit!

Folded Paper

Every piece of Paper has a natural folding limit as to how many times it can be folded in half before it becomes impossible to fold again.

Initially, this limit was established as Paper only being able to be folded in half seven times.

But in the following years, the limit soon increased, with the first record set in 2002 by a 17-year-old named Britney Gallivan.

She was able to prove that Paper could be folded in half eleven times.

Not to be outdone, further examples of Paper folding were tried and tested until a team of students from St Mark’s School in the American state of Massachusetts managed to create thirteen folds in 2012!

Not all Paper is made from wood!

Paper Tree

While the common perception has been that Paper is made entirely from the wood of trees, there are several examples to disprove this.

Going back to the invention of Paper, the Paper that Cai Lun created was actually made from pieces of hemp material and other scraps of cloth.

And up until new Polymer bank notes were introduced into the UK in 2016, bank notes were made from cotton fibre – a material considered more durable than Paper produced from wood.

The world’s largest sheet of Handmade Paper!

Guinness World Record

If you ever wondered what the largest piece of Paper produced is, then you’d have to take a trip to the country of Paraguay!

According to an official entry on the Guinness World Records website, the largest piece of handmade paper created is a whopping 149.5 square metres in size!

This record was set in 2015 and was attempted by a group of nearly 250 students who created the giant Paper sheet using recycled newspaper.

Imagine trying to write or print on that!

We still use A LOT of Paper each year!

Stacks of Paper

Whilst new green initiatives to help cut back on Paper have been more regular used recently such as Recycling Paper, we still use a lot of it!

Recent estimates indicate that the average office worker handles and uses around 10,000 sheets of Paper every year.

And to break it down further, The World Counts’ statistics indicate that every person will use more than two pieces of Paper every hour on average!

To say Paper has become a big part of our lives is quite the understatement!

Are there any more interesting facts about Paper we might have missed?

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