Encourage Creativity With World Card Making Day

Cards are an integral part of British culture, from sending Christmas cards to simple Get Well cards. The greeting card market is also incredibly large with the Greeting Card Association estimating that the UK spent around £1.75 billion on greeting cards in 2016.

The UK is also the world leader in cards as it is acknowledged to be around ten years ahead of the rest of the world when it comes to design. As well as this, we also buy more cards per person than any other nation in the world, with around 33 bought each year.

It only makes sense then that card making is an incredibly popular hobby here in the UK. While it is always lovely to receive a card, there is something extra special about receiving a hand crafted card, no matter what the quality is.

In celebration of World Card Making Day on October 7th 2017, we’ve put together a list of some of the useful products on Find My Supplies that can be used to create unique and thoughtful cards.

Photographs For Personalisation

Social Media SnapshotsWhen it comes to card making, an important aspect is to ensure that you are tailoring the card for the person you are creating it for. As such, there can be no better way to personalise than to include a printed photograph.

The photograph can be anything that would suit the card; from a family photograph to send out to friends and family for Christmas to a photograph of children for Mothers Day or Fathers Day. Ensure that the photograph is printed on high quality photo paper such as the HP Everyday Glossy 10 x 15cm Photo Paper; this will help to give it a professional appearance!

For the younger generation, the HP Social Media Snapshots 10 x 13cm is particularly ideal for creating a modern and up to date card. This paper can be used with the associated HP Social Media Snapshots App to print out photographs that look like they came straight from social media accounts!

Have The Right Equipment

It is obvious that the best cards will be made using actual card, and there are plenty of different sized and coloured card available for purchase. Once you have this card, you will need to have the right equipment to make cards properly. Tissue Paper

Perhaps the most important thing after the card is some adhesive to stick everything down. We have a range of Adhesives available on Find My Supplies including the always handy Pritt Glue Sticks. They are particularly useful for children as these are designed to be safe for children to use.

To provide some depth to your cards, consider the Pritt Glue Dots. These can be used to create layers to provide a 3D effect, giving your cards a professional look! We also have some fun Glitter Glue available in assorted colours, particularly ideal for children to bring some bright colour to their cards!

The assorted colour Tissue Paper that can be bought can also be used to create a personalised and fun card that will be appreciated by anyone, no matter what the occasion. Card making is also the perfect way to get children involved in arts and crafts, so why not have a try at making your own cards today?

Sarah Jubb