Is Digital Causing Us Health Concerns?

Is too much screen time starting to take a toll on our health? We take a closer look at how digital devices might be causing us health concerns.

For many of us, it’s irregular to not be viewing a screen throughout the day. From browsing on our phones to sitting at a desk to work on a computer, digital technology is at the forefront of most people’s daily routines. But is all the time spent with our eyes glued to screen doing us any good? Unfortunately, figures and statistics released recently suggest that it isn’t.

Overuse of Electronic Devices

The concerns on the effect of electronic devices causing health concerns is not just one raised by experts. Paper sustainability campaign group Two Sides conducted an extensive research study into the public’s perception on the use of digital devices. An opening statistic from the study reveals that almost half of consumers had concerns or were already concerned about the effects of regularly using electronic devices. Additionally, 47% of those when asked felt that they used digital devices and technology too much throughout their daily life.

Differing Perspectives Between Ages

What might be the most surprising revelation to come from their research is a difference in perspectives between age groups. In today’s society, it might be expected that those in a younger age group wouldn’t worry about health concerns when using digital technology. However, Two Sides found this wasn’t the case. A staggering 74% of those in the 18-24 age group felt that they spent too long on digital screens and devices. Comparing this with 48% of 35-44-year olds and 29% of those aged 55 or over admitting that they used digital devices too often, it’s a shocking statistic that will likely raise some alarm bells.

Mental and Physical Health Concerns

Speaking more on their research, Two Sides explain some of the potential mental and physical health concerns that overuse of digital technology could be causing.

“All this content consumption brings with it a host of potential health issues for the user. Anxiety, depression, addiction, isolation, narcissism, all are becoming more and more common, particularly amongst the young. “And while the mental strain is certainly troubling, there are also physical issues linked to excessive computer use, such as vision impairment, neck strain, hearing loss and insomnia. While it’s undoubtedly a channel that solves a lot of modern-day problems, it also creates a few.”

Reducing the Digital Overload

So how can we help to manage the digital overload we might sometimes start to experience. Well both Two Sides and participants in the survey came to the same conclusion – read more print. When asked, 69% of consumers commented that they agreed that it’s important to find time during the day to switch off from electronics. As Two Sides explain, print provides a great way to rest from flickering screens and digital devices.

“The adverse health effects of too much digital content can be countered by the simple action of reading a print publication. Indeed, it appears that the respondents to the Two Sides survey already know this, with 69% agreeing that it’s important to ‘switch off’ and enjoy printed books and magazines, a figure that doesn’t vary significantly across the age groups. So print, which is kinder on our eyes, brains and sleep patterns, could be an effective cure for those suffering from digital overload.”

Do you have any health concerns from using digital devices too much? Or do you feel like you manage a good balance between using screens and reading print?

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Sam Rose