Create Some DIY Halloween Decorations

It’s reaching that time of year where the mornings and nights are getting darker, which can only mean that the spookiest event is soon arriving. Halloween this year falls on a Tuesday and the frightful event is becoming more and more popular in the United Kingdom.

In fact, Britons are expected to spend more in 2017 than before with Mintel estimating that Halloween will be worth a shocking estimated £320 million! This can include costumes, food, drink and decorations for the creepiest day of the year and supermarkets will be full of festive Halloween themed products.

But you don’t have to spend too much money to have a creep-tastic themed Halloween this year! Why not consider creating your own Halloween decorations to provide that extra touch to your Halloween party or event? We’ve got some great tips to print or design some DIY decorations, particularly ideal to get children involved in the Halloween spirit.

Create Some Terrifying Labels

Clearly labelled food and drink is important at events so that everyone can see what they are eating and drinking. This helps to reduce the number of queries the party host will inevitably get! With the Avery Removable Laser Labels you can label these items easily, and the best bit is that they can be removed with minimal effort!

Even better news is that Avery has a whole section of Halloween themed free templates that can be used to print some labels that are themed perfectly! Take a look at their site now to find templates; they will work with all Avery label products!

Print Some Halloween Bunting

Creating Halloween themed bunting is simple if you have a printer, some paper, some string and scissors! Find a cool Halloween design (we recommend some Jack o’Lanterns, ghosts and witches hats!) and print them out using your printer.

Black Cat

Any paper is ideal for this, though paper with a higher thickness is likely to be more durable. Consider using the HP A4 120gsm Professional Inkjet Paper Matt White, with 200 sheets you are guaranteed to be able to create plenty of bunting! Once you have everything printed out, carefully cut out the shapes and thread them with the string by creating a hole at the top.

You have instant Halloween decorations!

Bring Some Fun With Printed Halloween Games

What party or event is complete without some fun games? While there are many games that can be given a Halloween twist, we’ve thought of some that can be printed quickly! Instead of the traditional ‘pin the tail on the donkey’, what about ‘Pin the Tail on the Black Cat’?

Black cats are synonymous with witches and Halloween, so find a free black cat design and make sure to cut the tail out! Consider laminating the entire game with the GBC A4 Laminating Clear Pouches to ensure that it will last throughout the entire party.

For Halloween parties or events involving adults, why not use some cut down some paper to create note cards and print out famous Halloween or scary films? People can play a fun game of charades by trying to act out some horror films!

Sarah Jubb