Carols for Printers Brings Christmas Cheer

Members from across the printing industry gathered together once again this year for the annual Carols for Printers event.

Hosted during the early weeks of December every year, the Christmas Carol Service for Printers is an event on the calendar that many in the print industry look forward to! Hosted by the BPIF (British Printing Industries Federation), The Printing Charity, The Worshipful Company of Stationers and Newspaper Makers and Trade Union Unite, attendees were soon encouraged to warm up their vocal chords and take part in a joyful night of Christmas carol singing and traditional readings from the nativity story.

A Night of Festive Fun

Taking place within the halls of St Bride’s Church in London, the environment is quite a familiar one for most. Designed originally by Sir Christopher Wren in 1672, the Church has a long affiliation with the work of journalists, newspapers and those who work with print. Due to this, the setting made for a very fitting one for all who were in attendance.


A congregation and talented St Bride’s Choir sang blissful renditions of both traditional and modern Christmas carols. The choir of St Bride’s has been established since 1957. This is the same year that a 4000-pipe organ was installed in the church. The carols was then followed by several readings from the traditional nativity story, short excerpts which have long become a part of celebrating Christmas. Once the service came to a conclusion, all of the guests in attendance were invited to join the hosts for some festive drinks and snacks in the Bridwell Hall located within the St Bride Foundation, the home of the BPIF’s London office premises.

Carols for Printers Enjoyed by All

Whether those in attendance used the Carols for Printers event as an opportunity for networking or just to join the celebrations of the start of the festive period, a good time was said to be had by all! For those in the print industry, the final few months of the year are often the busiest, so a chance to enjoy the delightful tones of Christmas carols in a traditional and festive atmosphere is something that many of the guests would have only been too delighted to be a part of!

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Sam Rose