5 Top Tips for Printing Responsibly on Earth Day

22nd of April 2018 marks Earth Day, an important day in the calendar for everyone to evaluate their environmental responsibilities and consider how we can help reduce waste across the world. One material that raises concerns on a regular basis is paper – but did you know that with a few small changes, paper can become a much more sustainable resource? We’ve gathered together our best top tips for how you can make a change right now by printing responsibly – read on for our list!

Tip 1 – Buy Recycled Paper

Recycled Paper

Whilst an obvious suggestion to make, buying recycled paper creates several key benefits compared to regular printing paper. Recyclable paper contains fibres that can be recycled up to 5 times, and the process behind it uses around 35% less energy than it takes to produce regular paper sheets. Recycled paper is not only good for the environment – it’s good for your company image too. This type of paper helps meet any CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) policies you may have set as a business. It’s also an excellent way of further promoting and displaying your brand values to customers.

Tip 2 – Consider What You’re Printing

Paper Stack

If we all thought about how useful something will be in print format before we hit the print button on our computers or tablets, we would probably realise that not everything needs to be in print format. Items such as small notes, large, detailed images and emails are better kept on a screen than on a piece of paper. They should only be put through to a printer when absolutely necessary. When it comes to printing important documents or photos, consider if you can use grayscale. Using grayscale will save you valuable amount of ink in your printer and helps combat ink cartridge wastage too.

Tip 3 – Upgrade to a Larger Ink Cartridge

HP XL Ink Cartridge

If you intend on producing a large amount of print outs, you’ll find using smaller ink cartridges to be ineffective and expensive for the task at hand. Consider upgrading to XL sized ink cartridges if it’s possible. These higher capacity cartridges will allow you to print out more before you run out of ink. This in turn will reduce the amount of plastic waste you generate from replacing ink cartridges and will also save you a lot of money in the long run. The Find My Supplies Website contains a wide range of Original HP XL Ink Cartridges should you be producing a high amount of print outs.

Tip 4 – Recycle your Ink Cartridges

Recycle Ink Cartridges

Another obvious tip but one that does a great deal of good to improve the sustainability of ink cartridges and the environment as a whole. There are many recycling programmes currently active that will recycle any old ink cartridges for free to then produce other items. One of these is the HP Product Return and Recycling Programme, which allows you to send back your cartridges to the manufacturer for recycling. For more information on HP’s environmental policies and for details on how to take advantage of their recycling programme, click here. Or, why not consider donating your ink cartridges to charitable causes? A large range of charities will now collect ink and toner cartridges for recycling. The profits from doing this then go into any of the featured charity funds. Take a look at The Recycling Factory for more information on this.

Tip 5 – Use Both Sides of the Page

Double Sided Printing

We’ve saved the easiest of our tips for last – making sure to print documents on both sides of the page. A simple change to make, you could be surprised by the effect trying to squeeze numerous pages of a document onto both sides of paper can have on your paper spend. Setting your printer to ‘duplex’ printing mode if it contains it automatically implements this change for you. It may be a bit more to ask if you are running an office printer with several employees printing at regular intervals, but to save on your energy bills and paper consumption, it’s the easiest switch you can make to start printing more responsibly!

Sam Rose