3D Printed Car Pays Tribute to David Bowie

3D printing technologies company Massivit 3D Printing Technologies have produced their first ever full-scale 3D printed car – and it tributes David Bowie.

Since his unfortunate passing in 2016, music icon David Bowie has had many tributes produced to honor his legacy. Versions of his hit songs have been adapted into more contemporary versions and multiple documentaries being made on his journey to music stardom being just a few.

But perhaps the most fascinating of tributes to be made to Bowie yet?

It could just be that of a 3D printed car, produced by Massivit 3D Printing Technologies and showcased at this year’s Festival Automobile International.

The Inspiration Behind a 3D Printed Car Tribute to Bowie

With help from Massivit and Marie 3D, Takumi Yamamoto, a car designer known for his work in France, the UK and Japan, was able to make his 3D printed car tribute to David Bowie a reality.

As a fan of David Bowie’s style and musical talents, Yamamoto has expressed that it was his dream to be able to build a car that best represents the music legend’s personal and physical attributes.

Talking more about the 3D printed car design, Yamamoto explains that the body of the vehicle has been designed in such a way as to represent Bowie’s “chameleon like personality.

The design also uses crystals, something which Yamamoto also expresses show the “purity of lyrical and musical message”.

The wheels of the car are finished off with Union Jacks etched onto the rims, to represent Bowie’s British heritage and place of birth.

How the 3D Printed Car Tribute Was Created

In order to take Yamamoto’s design from paper to prototype, Paris based 3D printing company Marie 3D took on the challenge whilst utilizing the Massivit 1800 large format 3D printer.

Commenting on how the company approached this unique challenge, Managing Director of Marie 3D said:

“This was an exciting challenge combining a work of art with a prototype. This concept car exposes a completely new method and capabilities for prototyping through 3D printing. Our goal now is to expose the possibilities to the automotive world.”

Working in unison with Marie 3D to bring the 3D printed car to life, Massivit’s Vice President of Business Development and Marketing, Amir Varesh adds:

“This project highlights how Massivit 3D’s large format 3D printing technology facilitates fresh opportunities for scale 1:1 concept prototyping. It is sure to fuel the imagination of tomorrow’s car designers and manufacturers.”

3D Printed Car Tribute to Bowie on Show

Through a press release, Massivit announced that the 3D printed car would be live on show at this year’s Festival Automobile International (January 31st to February 3rd 2019)

FAI President, Remi Depoix was delighted that the car would be available for all attendees to see, summarising:

“We were keen to support this project and present the car almost as a piece of art, very much like a sculpture. I am very impressed with this new technology. It opens up new opportunities in terms of creativity and design for the automotive industry.”


All3DP – David Bowie Tribute Car: A 3D-Printing First

Sam Rose