3 Reasons to Use More Print in Presentations

In any team or workplace meeting, ‘Death by PowerPoint’ can be a common occurrence. Here’s how using print in presentations can keep those you are presenting to interested in the things you are talking about for longer.

Depending on the line of work you are in, meetings and team focus events that use presentations can either be commonplace (set up daily/weekly/monthly) or less common (only set up during special events/certain points of the year).

Regardless of this, it’s likely that the presentations you watch or that you stand up to present will be produced digitally – usually as a slideshow using computer software such as Microsoft PowerPoint or Apple Keynote.

Whilst this is the standard way in which to create and present ideas, it’s much more beneficial to use print in presentations if you want to keep your audience’s attention throughout.

Here are three key reasons as to why you should use print in presentations (avoiding the dreaded ‘Death by PowerPoint’ in the process).

3 Reasons to Use More Print in Presentations

1) It helps to make presentations more interactive

Interactive Presentations

If you’ve ever been sat in a presentation or been making a presentation and noticed that the attention of those in attendance is starting to waver, it could be due to your presentation not feeling engaging or interactive enough.

By using print in presentations, it adds an extra layer of interactivity and inclusiveness that reading from a digital screen can’t provide.

Print can help to back up points that have been made, illustrate ideas and themes in a clearer format and provides a tactile element for those in attendance to use in combination with the information they are being provided with.

To make presentations more interactive in this sense, you could produce reference documents such as bar charts, graphs, pie charts, supporting graphics, case studies etc., all of which, will make your presentations more professionally sound.

2) It makes information provided in presentations more memorable

Memory Presentations

Have you ever made a presentation and asked for people’s thoughts on the subject afterwards, only to find that nobody remembers the information they’ve been provided with?

The second reason to use more print in presentations is that it makes any points you’ve made and any important items you’ve discussed during your presentation, more memorable and easier to reference later down the line.

Print is a physical object and therefore appeals to more of our senses, which as studies suggest, helps us to retain information more effectively and for longer periods of time.

If there were some important items mentioned during a presentation that are vital for people to know, then creating a shortened version of your presentation as a printed hand out or in a neat bullet pointed printed list is the way to make it stick.

3) It makes presentations look more professional

Professionalism Presentations

In the workplace, professionalism is everything.

Professionalism is required when talking to colleagues, working on tasks within the workplace and when walking around a business premises – so when it comes to preparing and presenting presentations, it should be regarded in the same manner.

Having printed resources on display or in the hands of those watching your presentation is likely to be prove that you’ve put everything you can into delivering your information in the most effective way.

Using print in presentations also demonstrates that you have true presentational skills and confidence when it comes to talking to groups of people.

This is compared to relying on reading out line after line of text from a sheet or screen in front of you, which is something that helps to promote shyness and low levels of charisma.

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Sam Rose