AlphaPura Melts Down And Repurposes The Worlds Plastics, Glass, Metal And Concrete Into New Products

FMS Blog Dirty Ocean

The AlphaPura story begins with Frederick Janson, as former researcher from Stanford University School of Medicine. Janson who is also a graduate business professor, has previously developed a 3D printed water filter, which didn’t need electricity to purify water (pictured… Continue Reading

The Letterpress Revival

FMS Blog Letterpress Machine

Once upon a time, posters, flyers, cards and letterheads were finely crafted pieces of design work, which a lot of blood, sweat and tears went into creating. These designs also came with beautiful finishes, vibrant colours and used techniques that are no… Continue Reading

The Wizard Of The Letterpress at Tilley Printing

FMS Blog Martin Clark Tilley Printing

Forty two paces up Tilley’s Alley, you’ll find a grey haired, bearded man, by the name of Martin Clark, working away on his Letterpress. The Victorian aged premises which he operates from contain living breathing pieces of print history. Tilley… Continue Reading